About Profaligner

Your perfect smile isn’t painful anymore. Profaligner gives you the chance to change your smile completely using the best orthodontic appliances. We create a product that aims for better lives using the best technologies and materials for effective and accurate results. Profaligner is in a continuously evolving process to guarantee a promising and innovative outcome for you. With profaligner, your dream smile won’t be a challenge.

What are you looking for

Ready for a new pearly smile! Profaligner uses the best digital scanner technologies to identify your orthodontic needs throughout the treatment process. The digital scanner will also record precise teeth measurements for a perfect-fit aligner.

How Profaligner works

1. Have a look at your new flawless smile

Throughout this primary step, your dentist will set up a plan for your condition using digital scanning. With the Profaligner stimulator technology, you can see your new smile before starting treatment.

2. Immediate adjustment right after your first fitting

Your dentist makes sure the aligner fits well while sharing with you all the usage instructions. You must wear the first Profaligner set for two weeks. Through this period, you will see quite a change in your smile.

3. Maintain a neat smile

After transforming your smile and enjoying lovely photos using one of the best clear aligners, it is time to retain the results and protect your smile with Profaligner's retainers.

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