About Profaligner

Profaligner is a medical device company that makes the future brighter through modern and effective clear aligners.

Ready for a new pearly smile!

Profaligner uses the best digital scanner technologies to identify your orthodontic needs throughout the treatment process. The digital scanner will also record precise teeth measurements for a perfect-fit aligner.

Reasons why you need Profaligner

Our clear aligners are easy to apply without needing to have any food restrictions. Profaligner takes a shorter treatment time and causes less discomfort and pain, not to mention that it will improve your self-confidence.

How Profaligner works

Three easy steps

1. Have a look at your new flawless smile

2. Immediate adjustment right after your first fitting

3. Maintain a neat smile

Visit a dentist

To get that attractive smile, you need to book a consultation visit with your dentist. Through the visit, you can discuss all your inquires, fears, and expectations. Then your dentist will decide the best Profaligner treatment plan for your case based on accurate digital scanning.

Profaligner is registered and approved by the Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) under the medical device national listing number:

Profaligner is in a continuously evolving process to guarantee a promising and innovative outcome for you. With profaligner, your dream smile won’t be a challenge.

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